Project Description

A Fete for all Seasons

I simply adore Autumn weddings, and when Katy approached me to do her flowers in this spectacular color palette, I couldn’t resist! The rich orange-coral-blue with touches of plum and chocolate came together is this rich tapestry fit for a grand affair. Katy thought it would be wonderful to have a bouquet-making party with her bridesmaids, so we happily provided floral materials for these lovely ladies so they could create their own bouquets. We used coffee colored roses, coral Peonies, Dahlia, Mums, Chocolate Lace, Liquid Amber, Pepperberry, & Copper Beech to create Katy’s bouquet. Katy is a special friend to Laughing Earth Flowers and has helped on several weddings, so we wish her and Randall much happiness! Thank you also goes to BaoTran Gia Pham for these lovely photos.